Unborn children must be protected by the full force of law.  Life begins at conception, and killing children in the womb is just as immoral as killing children after they are born.

2A Support

The right to self-defense is God-given. The US Constitution clearly states that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment codifies our right to possess the means of protecting ourselves and our community from criminals and tyrants.

Reduce Spending, Lower Taxes

Government must be limited to preserve freedom and prevent it from becoming a financial burden to the citizens it is supposed to serve. Our state government has grown far beyond its necessary and proper roles. We need to reduce the size and cost of our government so that Idaho citizens can keep more of their hard-earned wages.

End Failed COVID Policy

Masks did nothing but create division and harm. School closures hurt children and did not protect anyone. Economic lockdowns hurt and destroyed businesses and did not save lives. The vaccine was never safe or effective. We need to investigate government agencies and businesses that profited from deceiving and harming Idaho citizens and punish them according to the law. We also need laws that ensure that none of this ever happens again.

Free Markets, Not Corporatism

Economic freedom is the surest path to prosperity. However, free markets cannot be confused with corporatism. Large corporations cannot be allowed to collude with government to enrich themselves and rig regulations against their small business competitors. We also cannot allow big business to collude with government to infringe on our rights.

Education, Not Indoctrination

Cultural Marxism has no place in public schools. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a racist ideology that teaches American youth to hate their country. It creates division and hatred and should not be tolerated in any public institution. Radical Gender Theory (RGT) robs children of their innocence by exposing them to immoral and pornographic materials. Decency, morality, and virtue must be restored to education.

Election Integrity

Free and fair elections are a pillar of the Republic. We need in-person elections with tamper-proof paper ballots. We need strict voter ID laws. Drop boxes and mail-in voting should not be allowed. Early voting creates unnecessary opportunities for fraud and should be further restricted to prevent abuse. We should also follow the example of states like Florida that have dedicated resources to investigate and punish election fraud.