“The purpose of government is to protect the God-given rights of the people. As a state, we must act to defend our freedom against Federal and corporate tyranny. If Idaho is to remain free, we must fight now.

State Sovereignty

No more bending the knee to unconstitutional Federal mandates. The people of Idaho need a government that will protect them from Federal overreach. Other states, such as Florida, have shown us that states can resist the Federal government and protect the freedom of their people using state law.

According to the Founder's original design, the state should be the unit of government with the strongest domestic powers. It is time to reassert the sovereignty of our state and establish Idaho as a free state – a state free from government and corporate tyranny. Idaho must be a state where the Bill of Rights is in full effect, regardless of what goes on in Washington DC or corporate board rooms.

School Choice

Our schools no longer promote the civic virtue necessary to sustain a free state and a just society. We need school choice so families can choose schools that reflect their values.

Ronald Reagan once warned that “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” The ideals of the American Revolution must be passed from generation to generation for the Republic to survive. Schools are the primary means by which ideas are passed from one generation to the next.

We cannot allow another generation of Americans to be educated in a system that neglects or attacks our nation's heritage. It is time to break the government education monopoly so that we can begin raising up a generation of citizens who know their history, love their country, and understand the principles of freedom.

Medical Freedom

The right to control what goes into your body is non-negotiable. We need a Medical Bill of Rights in Idaho. People, with their doctors, make decisions – not bureaucrats and corporations. No vaccine mandates, public or private sector.

Across the country, people are being denied lifesaving medical treatment, such as organ transplants, for refusing the COVID shot. Hundreds of thousands of Americans were denied lifesaving early treatment throughout the pandemic. This is still happening today.

The right to bodily autonomy is a God-given right. However, the pandemic showed us that it must be enshrined in Idaho law to ensure that people can get the medical care they need and refuse unwanted treatment. We must also ensure that doctors can practice medicine without fear of persecution.

Economic Freedom

No more unconstitutional lockdowns. Every business is essential because every job puts food on someone's table. No vaccine passport or anything that resembles a "social credit system."

Many of the oppressive pandemic mandates have ended. However, the power seized and the precedent set by government and big business must be rolled back. Many large corporations are still trying to impose vaccine mandates on their employees. The ruling class is trying to keep as much of the power they seized during the pandemic as possible.

We need state laws that limit the power of governor rule by executive fiat during an emergency. We need laws that ensure that businesses do not have to live in fear of future shutdowns during the next “crisis.”

We also need laws that protect Idaho against future threats. No one should lose their job, their ability to get a loan, or their ability to use a bank due to their religious or political beliefs. The tyranny emerging in our country, Canada, and the Western world must not be allowed to come to Idaho.